You will be healed when you see no more value in pain


You will be healed when you see no more value in pain.

  1. When you wanted to be healed you have to be willing to give up the “payoffs”
  2. Sickness is a decision – an election – you chose it.
  3. The Course of Miracles says all illness is mental illness; the mind is “off.”
  4. The Course of Miracles says that you are “trying to kill God.”
  5. Healing is a treat because it means you would have to responsible for your thoughts. (Man even chooses death to try to prove that he has power over God!)
  6. You will be healed when you recognize that there is no value in sickness.
    a. Say: “there is no gain in this.”
    b. The mind makes the decision to be sick.
    c. You did this by indulging in a negative thought (Ego).


The physician is the mind of the patient himself
  1. The outcome is what the patient decides himself.
  2. Special agents (pills. etc.) give form to patients desires. They are not actually needed at all (Course in Miracles)
  3. The mind rules the body. Say “I have no need for this!”
  4. Most people believe that sickness has chosen them. This is insane.
  5. Sickness is not a accident. It is an insane device for self-deception. Its purpose is to hide reality – to keep you from seeing what you need to see.
    a. You can’t heal it permanently until you take responsibility for creating it …..
    b. You may resist doing this. There is a tendency to attack what doesn’t satisfy you to avoid seeing that you created it. This is a trick of your Ego. You have to catch yourself.





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