Want to Break Free


You are master of the rich substance of the universe!

You claim your mastery and take hold of this substance, shaping, molding, and forming it with your definite, deliberate thoughts, words, and actions. As you become a master and definite about prosperity, it becomes definite about you. As you turn the great energy of your thinking upon ideas of plenty, you will have plenty, regardless of what people about you are saying or doing.

It is through writing, picturing, and affirming prosperity that your thoughts, words, and actions begin working for you in happy, prosperous, productive ways.

Begin right now to get definite about prosperity, by sitting down and making a list of the good you want to experience in your life.

Truth teachers

Emma Curtis Hopkins, a great Truth teacher at the turn of the century, once said: “Sit down at a certain time every day and write down on paper what your ideas of good are.
You will find that such a practice will pin your mind down to the Truth, and you will demonstrate results.”

Another eminent metaphysician, Dr. Emmet Fox, said that this is the way to “alter your life.”
Remember this: If you just drift along without any decision or definite purpose, you become the helpless victim of circumstances. If your desires are not clear and definite you become subject to the dominating personalities of people around you. The way to overcome difficulties is to set a goal in writing.

Have you ever at some point in your life become subject to the dominant personality of someone who knew what he wanted, and found yourself getting it for him? I have!

Concentrate on one thing long enough and you are sure to get it. Always have a definite goal in mind and write it down. Never let yourself drift – unless you want to end up with things you don’t like.


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