Ultimate Truth Process

My “Ultimate Truth Process” for Self-Healing

Any time you have any negative symptom in your body, be it as minor as a headache or a disease as serious as cancer you can begin clearing it immediately in the following manner. Take out three sheets of paper and write at the top:

  1. The reasons I have this condition are:

Keep writing all the reasons until they begin to repeat themselves. They will come out as negative thoughts. Some of them may sound ridiculous. Put them down anyway.

  1. My “payoffs” for having this condition are: ___________________________

A payoff is a negative, “neurotic” reinforcement of something you are getting to prove. What do I get to prove by having this condition?

  1. My fears of giving up this condition are: _____________________________

You may not think you are afraid of giving it up. If you weren’t, you would have already let go of it. You are probably just afraid of the new energy you would have without it.

After doing this Ultimate Truth Process, write down your most negative thought about yourself.

My most negative thought about myself is: _________________________________________


This thought plus the other negative thoughts you have written down in the exercise are causing your condition or disease. Now simply invert those thoughts to affirmations and work with them daily. Then it is best to use the QLB meditation or call your rebirther to breathe out these negative thoughts permanently from your body.

These negative thoughts have actually created what we call “negative mental mass,” which is causing your symptoms. The  symptoms can be healed rapidly  through change of thought, breathing and praying. For the breathing you can use the QLB meditation.

The main reason I do not want to give up this condition is: ______________________________________________

Now write your new Affirmations from the exercise: ___________________________________________________