Hollow Bamboo

Hollow Bamboo meditation

Meditation: Become a Hollow Bamboo

Empty. And in fact this is the case: your body is just like a bamboo, and inside it is holow. Your skin, your bones, your blood, all are part of the bamboo, and inside there is space, hollowness.
when you are sitting with a completely silent mouth, inactive, tonque touching the roof and silent, not quivering with thoughts, mind watching passively, not waiting for anything in particular, feel like a hollow bamboo – and suddenly infinite energy starts pouring within you, you are filled with the unknown, with the mysterious, with the divine. A hollow bamboo becomes a flute and the divine starts playing it. Once you are empty then there is no barrier for the divine to enter in you.

Probeer te mediteren alsof je een holle bamboe stengel bent

Het is een manier om met je eigen eenzaamheid in het reine te komen

Als je er in durft te duiken zul je ontdekken dat eenzaam helemaal niet eenzaam is.