Meditatie Osho

Meditations help us to make us more alert to recognize early signs of fatigue or situations that are not good for us. We often need the courage to be able to say no to unfavorable situations. Mediation can also be of service here. Meditating makes you more self-aware and you develop more inner strength to organize your own life as you want.
With the help of meditations, you could correct yourself early or say no to a situation that is not in harmony with you.
Three meditations that can help you to be more alert and to release tension and stress are Zen Meditation, Quantum Light Breath, and the Inner Smile Meditation. These meditations are powerful techniques that can support you during your life. Practice them regularly and your alertness and resistance to diseases and setbacks will increase. Your life will reveal itself to you in a pleasant way. Heaven is not above heaven is here on earth.