Secrets of meditation

The Techniques of Meditation

There are two simple meditation techniques that I recommended for beginners who are using it to enhance their meditation practice. Choose from these two methods:

  • The white light meditation
  • The breath consciousness method.

In both methods the idea is to practice focussing the mind.

This is a single-pointed concentration method, which achieves wonderful side benefits. To start with, white light represents the highest form of purity. It also has a wonderful uplifting effect and makes you feel rejuvenated.
        To do this, tune the mind into the presence of a brilliant white light hovering just at the edge of your consciousness. If you have difficulty picturing the light. Look directly at a bright light bulb for a few seconds before you, and you will find little difficulty then in thinking of the white light. White light meditation is something you can eventually expand in to more advanced forms of visualization.
        When you first focus on the white light, you will find it relatively easy to gentle disallow other thoughts from filtering through. Breathe normally. Do not hold your breath. Sit comfortable. If you like you can say gentle under your breath, “I am relaxed, I am relaxed.” The mind responds by obeying your thoughts. Stay focused on the white light, and gently push away any thoughts that wander into your head. Just stay relaxed and let feelings of well-being seep through.

The Breath Consciousness Meditation

This method uses conscious awareness of the breath as a way of achieving concentration and focus. It is a very popular technique taught by Kung Fu masters to students developing inner chi strength. Basically, the posture of meditation stays the same as the first method, but instead of focusing on white light, this technique calls for you to focus on breath awareness.
     Gently breathe in and out through the nose, and follow your breath as it enters and leaves your body. Do not try to lengthen or shorten your breath at this stage. Just breathe naturally. Again when thoughts enter the mind, gently push them out while focussing on the breath.
    After a while you will feel yourself beginning to melt with the relaxation that overflows into your consciousness. Watch your mind carefully. Be aware of the thoughts and feelings that enter into your consciousness. You might like to meditate on the wonder of the human breath, which is so magnificent that merely by controlling the breath, the yogi masters are able to perform feats of mental magic. The Lamas of Tibet have such breathe control that they appear to be no longer breathing.
    This helps to subdue the mind to an extent that inner insights start to emerge into your awareness, thereby allowing you to penetrate the inner sanctums of the mind. Later as you get better at breath consciousness, you will begin to detect the rhythm of the in breath and the out breath, which in effect allows you go deeper into your consciousness.
     Over time, as you become more adept with meditation your concentration is sure to improve and you will find that it becomes easier to focus on the key elements of Feng shui ritualistic practice. This will enhance your incidence of success enormously.