Make a Decision and Miracles will Happen

Decision has power

 Desicion has Power!

Rev. Ike teaches that Decision has POWER!  And the first step in getting what you want — is deciding!
“The moment you make a decision, everything necessary for the fulfillment of your decision BEGINS TO HAPPEN” — Rev. Ike

And here are 2 free teachings from Rev. Ike to help YOU Activate YOUR Power of Decision!
#1.   Click Here to watch Rev. Ike’s dynamic YouTube video lesson “Make a Decision and Miracles Will Happen”​​​​​​​

#2Listen to a free audio mini-lesson (From Rev. Ike’s teaching,  The Power of a Made-up Mind) 


Nothing Can Stop The Power Of Your Made Up Mind

Learn How to Use Your God-given Power to Make Up and Create in Your Mind Whatever Good You Desire!
This may be surprising or even shocking to you, but hear this:
If you are not getting what you want out of life, it may be because you have not yet made it up in your mind!
The power of a made-up mind is the power of God-in-you and you turn on that power of God-in-you by making up your mind!


Things Begin to Happen the Moment You Make Up Your Mind!

EVERYTHING—health, wealth, family, career—begins in YOUR mind, nowhere else.
And God-in-you creates for you according to what you have made up, settled and fixed in your mind.
Your power to make up your mind is the power to change and control your destiny.
Your power to make up your mind is your God-given power to…

… be what you want to be
… do what you want to do
… and have what you want to have.

Therefore, make up in your mind to have health, happiness, love, success, prosperity and more money.
Make it up and fix it in your mind right now.


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