Ki Meditation

ki meditation

Ki Meditation

Let me introduce Ki Meditation as a means to develop good judgment. The universe is a limitless sphere with a limitless radius. It is infinite to the right, left, up, and down. 1f you take a step to the right, the universe does not become a step shorter in that direction. lt is still infinite. You are the centre of the universe. Condensed, the limitless sphere becomes you. Further condensed, it becomes the point in the lower abdomen spoken of in the first of the Four Basic Principles to Unify Mind and Body.

One Point

This one point has no set diameter, but can be condensed infinitely. If something exists, half of it must always exist. If condensed by half infinitely, it does not become zero. Condense the one point in the lower abdomen infinitely. Do this in your mind with your eyes closed, sitting in seiza for ten to fifteen minutes before you go to bed each night. Even as the one point begins to imperceptible, continue to condense it infinitely. Do not stop because you cannot feel it. If you do lose it, do not start over again. Simply return to where you left off and continue condensing. If you calm a wave by half infinitely, it continues to exist. It does not become zero, but simply grows progressively calmer. This is living calmness, with relentless inertia and infinite power. If it stops—becomes zero—it loses all its power. This is dead calmness. The two are complete opposites. When a top spins fastest, it appears calm, but will jump if you touch it. That is living calmness.  But if you stop the top from spinning, it halts, frozen in one position. This is dead calmness.

Infinitely calm

When you keep one point, your brain waves become infinitely calm. Everything is clearly reflected by the mind in this state. Correct judgment follows naturally, along with the ability to respond quickly to changing circumstances. A student who has an entrance examination to take should master his mind which tends to skitter about the examination hall, as well his academic subjects. By understanding the test problems and correctly judging, he will succeed. Doing Ki Meditation for ten or fifteen minutes after studying will cap his efforts and help him become a genuinely intelligent person.

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