Ki Breathing


Ki Breathing

When you control your mind and stay calm all the time, all of the organs function at their best. The ailments of the liver, kidney, heart, high blood pressure and glycosuria are all difficult to cure. Some people take five or six kinds of medicines to cure these diseases, but each drug creates an undesirable side effect. Taking them habitually will eventually cause problems. If you have to take medicine, take as little as possible. This is a good time to introduce Ki Breathing, which will enable you to live long. This breathing method originated in the traditional Japanese Misogi breathing called “Nagayo No Den.”

  1. Sit in seiza with mind and body coordinated. Place one big toe over the other. Separate the knees by two hands width. Put the hands on the thighs. Stretch the lower back, keep one point and relax the upper body. You will be immovable if your shoulder is pushed or your hands or knees lifted.
  2. Close the eyes, open the mouth a little and exhale quietly, making the sound “Ha.” If your mind is calm, your breathing will be calm and smooth. You can see the state of your mind by listening to the sound of your breathing. Maintain this state throughout the entire exhalation. Finally, lean your body slightly forward and breathe the last of the breath out completely. This exhalation will take about 30 seconds.
  3. Keep this composure for a few seconds, then begin inhaling quietly through the nose, making the sound of “Su.” Inhale as much as possible and return to your initial upright sitting posture and breathe in a little more. This takes about 20 seconds.
  4. After inhaling, keep one point and wait about 10 seconds. Then exhale again. Repeat this procedure. In the beginning you will be able to extend the inhalation/exhalation cycle only to about 20 or 30 seconds. You can do it for one minute only when you keep one point and relax. You can achieve everything through practice.

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