Personal Law

How personal laws influence your life (negatively)

A personal law or “lie” is our most negative thought about yourself, usually formed at birth in the womb or brought with us from a past life. We called these thoughts “personal law” because we believe them to be true and they can control our lives. Here are some of the most common “personal laws”:

I am not good enough
I am bad
I am wrong
I am not perfect
I am weak
I am guilty
I can’t
I can’t make it
I am a failure
There is something wrong with me
I am a disappointment
I shouldn’t be here
I am unwanted
I am evil
I am stuck
I am nothing

If you want to heal and discover your personal heal try to do to the following:

Begin to breathe slowly into the belly. After you begin to breathe consciously, you eventually come into contact with your “personal law” (your most dominant negative unconscious thought about yourself). I would like to get you in touch with this thought quickly; because it is the culprit of your spirit. Here we go. Please fill in this sentence; make sure that there are a subject and a verb.

My most negative thought about myself is ………………………………………….

Believe me, until you get rid of that thought, life will be very difficult for you! Your personal law is the cornerstone of the Ego (collection of limited thoughts that you have about yourself). It is this one though that is the biggest obstacle to your happiness and liveliness. The problem is that you are addicted to that thought. You’ve had it since birth or before. Perhaps you have even taken it from a previous life. Worse, you have tried to prove that it is good! This is how your ego has deceived you! It is important to understand this basic principle of metaphysics: WHAT YOU BELIEVE THAT IT IS TRUE, YOU WILL CREATE.

This means that if you believe your personal law (which you have “taken over” somewhere), you create situations to prove that this is so.

For example, if your thought is “I am not good enough”, you will constantly (unconsciously) attract situations where you prove you are not good enough. You will start creating new situations. Again you will discover and do not feel good enough, and then you will say: “This proves that I am not good enough”. The only way out of this trap is to absolutely destroy your personal law. It can be difficult in the beginning because you have convinced yourself that it is true. Therefore start as follows:

I forgive myself because I thought I was not good enough.

Because I was the thinker who thought I was not good enough,
I am also the thinker who can now think that I am good enough.

(Probably you will not believe these new thoughts at first because you have for years given to these negative beliefs about yourself.) You have to convince yourself of the new thought, and if you do not change that, you will forever be stuck.)

There will also be resistance to completely abandoning this negative thought, because your whole life was about proving it, struggling with it, and turning around it. When you destroy that part of your mind, your whole reality will change. Some people are so afraid of change that they prefer to stick to what is known and then die in a new reality that would bring more life. Do not be like that. Changing is fun. Sometimes we are afraid of change because our birth was a big change from liquid to air and we were injured because of this. Have courage and do it.