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Decision has power

Make a Decision and Miracles will Happen

 Desicion has Power! Rev. Ike teaches that Decision has POWER!  And the first step in getting what you want — is deciding! “The moment you make a decision, everything necessary for the fulfillment of your decision BEGINS TO HAPPEN” — Rev. Ike And here are 2 free teachings from Rev. Ike to help YOU Activate […]

couple in love

Ready for a New Relationship

Ready for a new relationship Here some trouble-shooters you can use for starting a new relationship. Love is innocent Accept this concept; otherwise you might have long periods of being mad and sad. Also: If love makes you mad or sad, then you might not let yourself have much (or any). Furthermore: If you are […]


Learn to Handle Jealousy

Learn to Handle Jealousy When somebody asked how to handle jealousy, we suggested that they start by looking at why they set up a jealousy situation in the first place. In other words, what is the payoff? Are they using jealousy scenes to beat themselves up? Why do they want misery in their lives? If […]

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