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Seeing with your mindeye

Seeing With the Mind’s Eye

Seeing With the Mind’s Eye In Mind Science, in order to bring the good that you desire into your experience, we teach you to visualize. By the technique of “visualization,” you can direct the attention of your mind toward the good you desire. Develop the technique of visualization. Learn to use your imagination to “see” […]


The Emotional Side of Success

THE EMOTIONAL SIDE OF SUCCESS Recently one of my readers, who is a psychologist, explained that the poor are so caught up in their present problems that they do not plan ahead or think ahead. Also, they have great hostility and envy toward people who have success in life. What about you? Are you so […]


You will be healed when you see no more value in pain

You will be healed when you see no more value in pain. When you wanted to be healed you have to be willing to give up the “payoffs” Sickness is a decision – an election – you chose it. The Course of Miracles says all illness is mental illness; the mind is “off.” The Course […]

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